Adjuster Resource Information

Adjuster Resource Information

What the industry is saying about new and experienced adjusters… What you need to know

Why is Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute better than the other programs?  That’s easy…

  • We’re comprehensive:

    • This is not hotel room, crash course, fly-by-night training.  We have our own training facility – a 14,000 sq ft state of the art building including mock-up structures for all lines of insurance training. With the advent of recent severe storm seasons, expectations have been raised for adjusters in the field.  It’s not enough to get a license and a couple days of training.
  • We’re experts:

    • All classes by the Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute are conducted by seasoned professionals with years of insurance background, including field experience.  You need to know not only HOW to write claims but also, what happens when you’re in the field and what it takes to become successful. Our professional instructors will share their experience, wisdom and guidance with all students.
  • Our clients love our training:

    • Yes, we train more than just Independent Adjusters and Individuals looking to secure work with Insurance Carriers.  We actually train Insurance Adjusters already hired by some of the largest, best-known insurance companies in the country.  They trust their Staff Adjusters with our phenomenal training program.  Why wouldn’t you?
  • We’re flexible:

    • Can’t do all of your training back-to-back?  That’s okay.  Our classes are available year-round so you can schedule them at your own convenience.

We know you have a choice where you get trained.  We are dedicated to offering the best, most thorough training at the most reasonable prices.

Whether you are new to the adjusting field, or a seasoned adjuster, we have compiled some additional resources to help you in your career.

  • New adjusters: Read more about our resources for new adjusters here.
  • Experienced Adjusters: Read more about our resources here.

We look forward to seeing you in class very soon!