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What are Catastrophe Adjusters?

“Catastrophe Adjusters” are simply Independent Adjusters. These are self-employed individuals who make themselves available for claims through Adjusting Agencies that accept claims on behalf of many insurance carriers across the nation. Historically, Independent Adjusters were deployed during major storm events, or “Cat Storms” hence the name. Today’s Independent Adjusters can work major storm losses, smaller wind/hail storm claims, typical day claims and even administrative functions like File Reviewing on behalf of the industry’s Insurance leaders.

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What training is required in order to start a career as an Independent Adjuster?

There are 3 significant things you must obtain in order to work as a Claims Adjuster:

You must be licensed as an Independent Adjuster

You must have practical training in a hands-on setting, teaching you the fundamentals of claims and how to assess structural damage

And you must be certified on the industry-leading Xactimate training.

You can fulfill all 3 of these requirements through CATI’s Adjuster Training Program

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Can I do my training online?

Of the 3 requirements to work as an adjuster (License, 101 and Xactimate) the only portion of your training that could be completed online is your Prelicensing. However, online versions of Prelicensing have a much lower pass ratio than live training. There are no printed materials, no instructor and no means of asking questions when you are struggling.

CATI’s Texas All-Lines Prelicensing live course has a 99.9% pass ratio!

Adjusting 101 and Xactimate training are intensive courses designed to teach new adjusters the Fundamentals of Claims and prepare them to work in the field. No online training can prepare you for the responsibilities and realities of working claims successfully.

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What sets CATI apart from other adjuster training programs?

Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute (CATI) provides a thorough and unique training environment.

Most adjuster training programs offer a 7-day program including 3 days of licensing, 1 day of Adjusting 101 and 3 days of Xactimate software training. However, their Adjusting 101 is taught in a classroom setting, their Xactimate training only covers Beginner Xactimate functions and they do not certify you on Xactimate.

CATI offers 4 days of Prelicensing for the Texas All-Lines Adjuster License. We guarantee our Prelicensing training – any student who does not pass their exam may return to retake their exam. Our Prelicensing course has a 99.9% Pass Ratio!

Our Adjusting 101 “Survive The Storm” is 5 days training on the Fundamentals of Claims including: Policy Interpretation, Depreciation, Ladder Safety, Assessment of Structural Damage, Materials 101, Tools of the Trade, plus how to market yourself for work as an Independent Adjuster and what to expect during your first deployment. All this in an actual hands-on environment! Please view the video walk-through of our State of the Art Facility to see the exteriors and interiors you will actually be utilizing for this industry-leading Adjusting 101 class. No “hotel room” training program can even come close.

Lastly, our Xactimate course runs 5 days and covers both Beginner and Advanced features of this software system. We train you for success – not just the basics and you will be formally Xactimate Certified after completion.

Simply put, Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute is the most thorough and affordable program for new adjusters. If you want to work as a new claims adjuster, you want the best – and that is CATI.

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Do you have hotel recommendations while I’m in training?

Yes. We partner with local Extended-Stay properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to offer significant discounts to our students. The hotels also provide courtesy shuttle services to and from class each day, helping to reduce your costs.

Please call an Enrollment Specialist today for information on rates!

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How long will it take to get my license back from the Texas Department of Insurance?

Approximately 3 to 8 weeks – depending on the season.

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Can the Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute customize training for my staff adjusters?

Yes, we can. CATI will consult directly with your Human Resources and Training Departments to customize your training needs. Please contact us at (877) 341-4900.

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